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Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort lake Lucerne

A spectacular landscape destination, immersed in the panorama, 500 metres above Lake Lucerne. The Bürgenstock Resort has three hotels each with a distinctive character. There’s the stylish contemporary Bürgenstock Hotel, sustainable design at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence and the belle epoque Palace Hotel.

A Landscape Resort Immersed in the Alpine scenery

Since 1873 travellers have been rising up the Bürgenburg mountainside to enjoy the spectacular landscape and the highest pleasures of Swiss hospitality. This is where the story of Swiss travel began, with invigorating nature, innovation and meticulous service. There are three hotels with different characters, whichever you choose it is all about alpine leisure, first class wellbeing, superb restaurants and stunning views.

Bürgenstock Resort is a true Swiss escape, immersed in nature’s sky high beauty. The beautiful arrival by boat and Bürgenstock funicular distances you from the busy world. Shoot up the Hammerschwand Lift, another feat of engineering by the resort, and at 1,132 metres your heart soars, it is one of life’s breathtaking moments.

Culture comes to this mountaintop, with private performances by Zurich Opera House and Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. Some of the greatest pleasures are found in the seven restaurants. There is Asian dining in stunning glass architecture, fondue by a firepit, French brasserie classics, Vitality Cuisine above Swiss meadows and Persian on a cliff top. Each night is a memorable dining event.

The history of Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne began in 1871 with two entrepreneurs, Bucher and Durrer opening the Grand Hotel. They built a hydroelectric plant to run the Bürgenstock funicular, so guests travelled in style to their mountaintop. Higher up they built the Hammerschwand Lift, still the tallest, fastest outdoor elevator in Europe, sealing a reputation for innovation. In the 50s the resort became a refuge for Hollywood glitterati, in fact Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn made Bürgenstock their home. 

Relish the invigorating lifestyle. There’s a classic Alpine Golf course, and the Diamond Dome Tennis Courts have top pros to fast track your game. The Waldhotel has a team of Swiss medical experts ready to regenerate your body. While the Alpine Spa is quite spectacular with a 500 metre high infinity pool suspended above Lake Lucerne.